Friday Email



Friday Email

by Pastor David Thomas

June 15, 2018



Friday Greetings to you, friend! I hope this email finds you well.  

If you have been around the church building this week, there is no hiding the fact that VBS is upon us. One dead giveaway is the incredible stadium Suzanne and her team are building on stage in the sanctuary. WOW! I am constantly amazed at the work that goes into this ministry at MLAC. That being said, this small team can’t do this alone…and right now, we (the rest of the family) are not doing our part. Family, we CANNOT let Pam and her team go into this VBS shorthanded. We need to step up and help. The team is still in urgent need of volunteers to be guides to these little ones as they journey through the week, as well as volunteers in other capacities. If you are willing to answer the call, God will provide the strength and the know-how. Will you please commit to serving in this way this next week? We need you! Please sign up with Janeil, Suzanne, or another member of the team this weekend. If you know you are wanting to help and you can make it to the rally on Saturday morning at 10 am, that would be most helpful. 

Speaking of this weekend, did you know that it is a Missions Emphasis Weekend? We are welcoming the Kramers to town! Aaron, Sarah, and the girls will arrive in town on Friday for the weekend. They will be here with us for both services on Sunday, when Aaron and I will team teach on the Sovereign timing of God. Won’t you join us this Father’s Day to learn more about Paul’s calling to Macedonia, the Kramers’ transition, the Obergs’ transition, and VBS? What a great way to spend Father’s Day! If you’d like a head start on the reading for Sunday, dive into Acts 16:6-10. For that matter, why not read the whole chapter of Acts 16? It’s a great story of God’s direction. 

Just a couple more notes about next week, and an opportunity from Crossroads: 

1. VBS kicks off on Monday morning! Throughout the week, your Missions Team will be gathering at the church at 7am to pray over VBS. All are welcome to join us for this! No format, just good old praying. We’ll pray from 7 - 7:30-ish. Join us if you can. 

2. Remember the needs for more volunteers. If you can help in this area, please let us know. Furthermore, we are always in need of fresh baked items for the sustenance of the leaders. :) Banana breads, muffins, cookies, fresh veggies or fruit are all great ideas. If you can help in this way, please let us know. 

3. Lastly, Crossroads is looking for an office manager. Maybe this is something that interests you. If so, please see the attached details in image form. Feel free to contact Crossroads directly with any questions you may have about that position. 

Thank you for your prayers for the ministries of this Church, as well as for each other. We are better together, and we look forward to gathering with you on Sunday to celebrate what God is doing through dads, throughout the world, and what we expect He will do in and through VBS! 

Blessings on you as you enter the weekend! If you need me, I’ll be at the VBS Rally Saturday at 10am! 

See you there,