Preschool Information

At Happy Hearts Preschool, our mission is to provide age-appropriate opportunities for

each child to experience learning success in a Christian setting. Happy Hearts has been a

part of MLAC since 1985. It is a privilege to welcome children from our congregation and

community each year.

Every child is a child of God, and He created them unique! Allowing children to experience

the joy of learning through both play-based and instructional methods, our ultimate goal

is to prepare them for continued success in their education.  Our goal is to meet each

precious child God brings to us and help them develop in these areas:


¨   Intellectual- Every day there’s something new to explore and learn.

¨   Physical- Learning all the wonderful things our bodies can do.

¨   Social- What fun it can be to spend time with friends and family.

¨   Emotional- We all have feelings we can share in appropriate ways.

¨   Spiritual- Experiencing God’s gentle presence in our lives.


For additional information or to apply for registration contact:

Pam Swedburg at 509-765-6656 or by email at:


Our Teachers


                Pam Swedburg -Kids Director/3 Day Class Teacher              Liz Matern- 3 Day Class Teacher


                                                                         Stacy Sand- 3 Day Class Teacher     


                              Claudia Cook- Day Class Teacher                     Marianne Badgley - 2 Day Class Teacher